Attach level API

The GetAttach gets the specified attach from the specified mail message.


Delphi syntax:

function GetAttach(Handle: TMailboxHandle; FolderNumber, MailNumber, AttachNumber: dword; Attach: pointer): dword;

C++ syntax:

DWORD WINAPI GetAttach (DWORD Handle, DWORD FolderNumber, DWORD MailNumber, DWORD AttachNumber, LPSTR Attach);

C# syntax:

public static extern int GetAttach(int boxHandle, int folderNumber, int mailNumber,int attachNumber, [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPArray)] Byte[] file);




Handle of previously opened mailbox.


Number of the folder with the mail.


Number of the mail message inside the folder.


Parameter retrieves a pointer to a memory block, which contains an attach part of the mail message.


Return Values:

Returns data buffer with mail message attach in the Attach parameter.

On success returns OMS_OK or Error Code if fails.



Use GetAttachLength to obtain memory size needed for Attach buffer size.


See Also:

OpenMailbox, GetFolderCount, GetFolderProp, GetAttachCount





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