Abstract AIRMail SDK library API use model


Please review the model to learn about how to use AIRMail SDK API and lead to a result, operations at these facilities.




MailboxHandle dword // OpenMailbox API return MailboxHandle, all other operation doing with MailboxHandle value


FolderProperties TFolderProp // The Mailbox Folder properties returned here

MailProperties TMailProp // The Mail message properties returned here

AttachProperties TAttachProp // The Attachment properties returned here


FolderIndex dword // For enumerating of all Mailbox Folders

MailIndex dword // For enumerating of all Mail messages

AttachIndex dword // For enumerating of all Attachments



MailboxHandle = OpenMailbox(full path and file name of mailbox file) // Open mailbox file and return Mailbox Handle

For FolderIndex = 0 to GetFolderCount( MailboxHandle ) - 1 do // Enumerate all folders from 0 to GetMailboxCount 1 inside mailbox


GetFolderProp( MailboxHandle, FolderIndex, FolderProperties ) // Get properties of each (FolderIndex) folder

For MailIndex = 0 to FolderProperties.MailCount - 1 do // Enumerate all mail messages inside current (FolderIndex) folder


GetMailProp( MailboxHandle, FolderIndex, MailIndex, MailProperties ) // Get properties of each (MailIndex) mail message


For AttachIndex = 0 to GetAttachCount( MailboxHandle, FolderIndex, MailIndex) 1 do// Enumerate all mail messages inside current (MailIndex) mail message


GetAttachProp( MailboxHandle, FolderIndex, MailIndex, AttachIndex, AttachProperties) // Get properties of each (AttachIndex) attachment





CloseMailbox( MailboxHandle ) // Close mailbox file




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