AIRMail SDK 2009

AIRMail SDK is a high performance solution providing web sites and online applications with automatic PowerPoint to Flash conversion facilities. It is optimized for multithreaded processing and performs fast batch conversion of thousands of PowerPoint presentations into compact and web-friendly Flash movies.

AIRMail SDK converts presentations created in all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint up to PowerPoint 2007.

AIRMail SDK provides a powerful .NET/COM API and Command Line Interface for presentation conversion. AIRMail SDK is compatible with major development platforms for Windows including C#, VB.NET, VB, Java, C++, ASP, ASP.NET.

AIRMail SDK enables advanced customization and fine tuning of the conversion process. It gives you full control over the Flash presentation appearance and playback. A set of highly customizable Flash players provides various view models, presentation navigation and interaction schemes.

The Code Builder application helps to explore AIRMail SDK facilities using simple user interface with no programming at all. Once you've tuned conversion options in the Code Builder, it will generate source code for C# or Visual Basic.NET. The Code Builder can also generate the command line code for batch scripts.

AIRMail SDK provides seamless integration of the generated content into Flash and Flex applications or web pages. Flash presentations created with AIRMail SDK expose an ActionScript API for total programmatic control over playback and navigation.