Here you can see the full list of AIRMail SDK API, divided into categories, and given brief comments to the. Click on the name of AIRMail SDK API functions, if you want to find out more detailed information on the use of this function with Delphi, C++ or C#.


Please, see the abstract AIRMail SDK API call model.


AIRMail SDK library API Map:

Mailbox level API:

OpenMailbox Open a mailbox file.

OpenMailboxEx Open a mailbox file with additional parameters.

CloseMailbox Close mailbox file.


Folder level API:

GetFolderCount Indicates the number of folder object descendants of a mailbox file.

GetFolderProp Get properties of the specified folder object.


Mail level API:

GetMailProp Get properties of the specified mail message.

GetMailLength Get the size of the selected mail message.

GetMail Get a source code of the specified mail message.

GetMailBodyLength Get the size of the text part of the specified mail message.

GetMailBody Get a text part of the specified mail message.


Restore level API MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS Windows Mail:

CreateFolder Create new folder.

DeleteFolder Delete exist folder.

CreateMail Create new mail.

CreateMailFromFile Load exist mail from file.

DeleteMail Delete exist mail


Attach level API:

GetAttachCount Indicates the number of attaches of the specified mail message.

GetAttachProp Get properties of the specified attach of the specified mail message.

GetAttachLength Get the size of the selected attach of the specified mail message.

GetAttach Get the specified attach from the specified mail message.


Importing Exporting Conversion API:

EMLToMSG Convert message in RFC EML format to MS Outlook MSG message format.

MSGToEML Convert MS Outlook MSG message format to message in RFC EML format.


Data Structures:

TFolderProp Defines the properties of mailbox folder object.

TMailProp Defines the properties of mail message object.

TAttachProp Defines the properties of mail message attach object.


Services API:

Registration and library version routines:

GetCoreVersion Get a current version of AIRMail SDK library engine.

SetRegisterKey Registers an AIRMail SDK library with a specified registration key.

GetRegisterStatus Get a registration status of the current copy of AIRMail SDK library.

GetRegisterInfo Displays a personal info of the registered user.


Debug routines:

SetDebugMode Turns ON or OFF debug mode.

ShowDebugConsole Turns ON or OFF a debug console.


Mailbox and engines routines:

SetMSOLibrary Lets to specify a fully qualified file and pathname of the MS Outlook interface library.

GetMailInEMLFormat Turn ON or OFF a mode for retrieving mail messages in RFC-format.

GetOEMailbox Get a fully qualified pathname to the default MS Outlook Express message storage.


Error Codes:

Error codes list



AIRMail SDK library API Hierarchy:

This scheme is presented hierarchy AIRMail SDK API functions:

Mailbox object Mailbox level API (OpenMailbox, CloseMailbox)

Folder #1 object Folder level API

Mail #1 object. Mail level API (GetMailProp, GetMailBody, GetMail, TMailProp)

Attach #1 object Attach level API (GetAttachProp, GetAttach, TAttachProp)

Attach #2 object

AttachCount-1 (GetAttachCount)

Mail #2

MailCount-1 (GetFolderProp, TFolderProp)

Folder #2

FolderCount-1 (GetFolderCount)



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